Bridge Acquires New Recovery Facility in Leeds

6th October, 2015

We are delighted to announce that The Bridge Project has been chosen to take over the support and development of The Space for people who have experienced drug/alcohol addiction and/or mental ill health.

Bridge CEO, Jon Royle, writes:

“Bridge is delighted and honoured to be chosen by the Multiple Choice Trustees, Staff and Space Recovery Community as the preferred organisation to take forward the legacy of the Charity.

We have long admired Multiple Choice as a dynamic, visionary organisation that has made an enormous contribution to the sector, supporting thousands of local people towards recovery in the years since it was founded.

Our vision for The Space is to develop a service that utilises the power of its members, to whom the management of Bridge are fully accountable for all aspects of its development. The Space will enthuse and empower members of the drug, alcohol and mental health recovery community in a dynamic, inspirational environment, connecting people with each other and supporting them to achieve improved health, wellness and quality of life.

We look forward to working closely with the many important stakeholders and partners and we offer Bridge’s skills, enthusiasm and passion in supporting the growth of a visible and vibrant Recovery Community in Leeds.”

The next few weeks will be a transitional phase as Multiple Choice hands over to Bridge, in preparation for the formal closure of the Multiple Choice charity.

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