Bridge Staff Contribute To National Steroids Story

15th July, 2016

This week Joe Kean, Team Manager , appeared in Good Morning Britain’s piece about the dangers of abusing steroids.

Joe writes, “Within the last 5 years the country has seen a huge rise in steroid use and presentations at  needle exchanges by steroid users. The now well versed figure of 1 million has been found to be a fairly accurate estimate. The population, that we once knew little about, is now shown to have HIV prevalence rates higher than heroin users. Some figures suggest that, as an injecting drug using population, they outnumber heroin users across the country 10 to 1. Evidence on long term use has been shown to have a significant impact on cardiac function, mental health and even memory. Why then do we appear to still find it difficult to treat these people? Good Morning Britain visited The Bridge Project  to get an insight into some positive ways to work with the population and spoke to our very own Adam Trice, Recovery Support Worker, who very kindly and bravely shared his personal story.”


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