Bridge Trainee Practitioner shares her past experience of addiction and motherhood

8th September, 2016

Trainee Recovery Practitioner Lisa Batty has spoken exclusively to  the BBC about her past experience of motherhood in addiction.

In her brave interview, Lisa explains how the fear of having children taken away can prevent pregnant women from seeking help to treat their addiction.

Bridge CEO, Jon Royle, also contributed to this story, saying “Some women out there feel tremendous stigma around being a drug user and being pregnant. Always we put the welfare of the child first, but very often the best outcome for the child is about supporting the mother and helping her to get the best outcome. With the right support and treatment, the mothers can very often come off drugs and go on to be wonderful parents like Lisa.”

The staff, managers, trustees and volunteers at Bridge congratulate Lisa on her courageous choice to speak honestly, and publicly, about this difficult subject.

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