CEO Comments On Decriminalisation Of Drug Use

23rd June, 2016

Chief Executive Jon Royle comments on a recent report on the decriminalisation of drug use in the Telegraph and Argus.

Speaking to the T and A Jon Royle said “Decriminalisation, legalisation and prohibition of drugs is a debate that’s swung backwards and forwards and has often been heavily influenced by prejudice, ideology and lobby groups with vested interests. This latest report adds weight to the public health argument that criminalising drug users for personal use and possession has stigmatised many vulnerable people and prevented them from accessing the treatment and the healthcare they need. At the same time it will be continue to be argued that there are wider societal and cultural issues to be considered if we take a radically different approach to tackling the drug problem. We need to see a national drug strategy that cuts through these arguments and takes a bold approach based on the best available science and evidence.”

Read the full article here.

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