Train to be a Hero on International Overdose Awareness Day!

24th August, 2017

In a time of an unprecedented national increase in drug related deaths across both England and Scotland, Bradford finds itself in limited company as the only area in West Yorkshire (and one of very few in the UK) where drug related deaths have decreased. This same time frame has also seen the inception of the Naloxone Take-Home Kit programme, a project where Naloxone (a drug that reverses opiate overdose) has been given out to service users, family members, staff working in related industry and others.

It’s often easy to feel that there is not enough to celebrate when major change is in the air, especially when it involves the most severe cuts seen in a generation and, while we cannot say for sure that there’s a link between the scheme and the reduction in drug related deaths, what we do know is that since the start of the scheme there have been:

As a result of this there have been over 50 successful reversals of opiate overdose through the use of take-home Naloxone kits. If ever there was a scheme that makes an impact it is this – nearly 700 potential lifesavers on the streets of Bradford… but we want more.

In just 10 minutes we can teach you to be a #BRADFORDLIFESAVER!



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