My life is in my hands

My name is Michael and I’m currently dealing with an addiction to illegal drugs. It has been a long journey.

I had to commit crime to fund my habit. It began with cannabis and moved through every substance I could get my hands on. I really lost touch with reality and found it hard to deal with my emotional disturbance: drugs just made it worse. As simple as it sounds, this was a hard thing to figure.

Presently, I’m prescribed Subutex and more and am working a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy group work programme at the Bridge project with help from Michael, Helena and Elaine, who is my key worker.

This is keeping me away from the prison and crime circles I was just going round and round in. The life I was living was just gonna put me in the grave, or jail or a puzzle factory for the remainder of the time going.

I’m 25 and now at last realise that my life is in my hands and will be whatever I can make it. I have close friends who are by my side and together we can help each other to make the progress it takes to stay from the death sold on the streets.

I would like to thank the Bridge for the help I have been given. I know that with the work I put in and the help offered I can learn enough about myself and my life to stay clean and soon even be away from the medications I am on.

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