What is the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) Navigator service?

The MARAC Navigator service is an innovative project to improve engagement and support for both victims and/or perpetrators of domestic abuse. Bridge’s MARAC Navigators are supported by the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Team within Bradford Council to provide intensive one-to-one support for both victims and/or perpetrators of domestic abuse. We help individuals to make positive changes in their lives, achieve positive outcomes that reduce risk and improve their health and wellbeing.

Referrals are made directly from the Bradford District MARAC meetings where cases feature repeated high-risk domestic abuse and previous engagement strategies have been unsuccessful.

Our MARAC Navigators work with small caseloads of typically 10 cases each, over overarching aims are to:

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Partnership feedback on the MARAC navigators

“I have been the West Yorkshire Police’s (WYP) Inspector lead for Bradford District for 19 months as well as the lead Chair for MARAC for the same time period. It was very apparent that there were certain individuals/couples that kept being discussed at MARAC as repeat victims/perpetrators. As a partnership we struggled to find suitable long term support options for these individuals due to their complex needs/situations.

The introduction of the MARAC Navigator Project has had a marked significant impact on the ability to be able to provide effective safeguarding and support for all of the individuals that have been referred and accepted into full navigation support. The Project has had a positive impact on WYP as not only has it reduced our demand in relation to calls for service/crime reports and detailed investigations, which in most cases were unlikely to result in a positive outcome for either the victim or perpetrator, it has also opened up lines of communication with some partners/services that weren’t in place before.

The dedicated navigator for an individual is able to communicate quickly with an identified PC lead within my team to ensure that information sharing/gathering takes place quickly so that relevant support can be put in place. Prior to the project those lines of communication were not in place which often frustrated the work being carried out and could also lead to duplication as well as a loss of confidence from a victim perspective. The trust that is built up between the navigator and the individual cannot be understated at all.”

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